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Tag UR It! Inc. has been servicing Ayres Hotels since August 2010. When we first met Heidi from Tag UR It!, we knew this was the company for us! Heidi is ...
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Creating a Professional Appearance in Employees

There are many different aspects of work life to take into account when you are thinking of your company’s image and how you want to present yourself.  What kind of image would you like to project?  Do you want to appear laid back and youthful or professional and hardworking?  Whatever your key demographic is you can cater your image toward them and think about how people will react to the look of the store and the employees.  For an office environment, it can be either business casual or more formal with engraved brass plates and other professional accessories that can be important part of the look of the office.  Presenting employees names with either plates or name tags is a choice many companies make to create an image of being professional as well as approachable to customers.   Corporate pins can also be a great option that is smaller and more discreet but still identifies employees to customers.

There are other situations aside from the store or office when a company should think about how their employees should present themselves.  At a conference for example do you want your employees to look professional or a little more casual?  You can tailor your nametags conference items based on what image you want your employees to represent in their time spent at the conference.  It is very important for them to wear nametags that identify them with your company so that they can make crucial connections and talk with other businesses to move things forward in a productive way.


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