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I have used Tag UR It! NameTags within the Credit Union industry since 2010. I have been told time and time again, my name tags for my conferences are the ...
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Pins: More Effective than most Think

There is a whole umbrella corporation that has to solely do with corporate pins. Such small little pins a new employee is introduced to wearing every time you clock in starting from the first day you got hired actually has a huge company behind it. This company for pins is very important even for the government because every professional— if someone really took the time to realize, is require by the law to wear an engraved name tag. Not only are professionals everywhere requires to be name tagged in order to properly be identified but depending on the specific place of work are recommended to wear lapel custom pins for safety issues.  People wonder why on earth a name tag can prevent crime. Well, unfortunately for many of the work places in the California, there is an increasing rate in identity fraud. Identity fraud occurs when someone steals the identity of someone else or acts as if he or she is part of a company when they actually are not employed at all. If pins are customized and detailed enough, it makes it that much more difficult for a person to impose as someone else. People impose as others at various workplaces for various reasons usually dealing with stealing money or finding out codes or ways of access to certain place only employees are supposed to have access to. Real estate name badges should especially be customized because there is also an increase in fraud in the real estate industry currently.


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