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Tag UR It! Inc. has been servicing Ayres Hotels since August 2010. When we first met Heidi from Tag UR It!, we knew this was the company for us! Heidi is ...
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Name Tags Should Never be Ignored In Business

A real estate badge just makes a real estate sale go that much smoother. Frankly, no matter the business type, customers tend to respond positively to employees who wear name tags. No longer are you “Hey you” or “what’s your name” or “Hey”. With a name tag, you become “Steve” with the firm handshake or “Jill” with the confident presentation. Wearing a name tag opens doors to knowing someone more personally and allows for open discussion in a friendly way. In real estate especially, making a large purchase (i.e. a home) becomes less intimidating when a name badge of the real estate agent is showing.

But this need for trust that customers crave from the employees that they deal with is not restricted to real estate. Customers of any business type want to be able to trust and know the employees well so that they can always count on them for help and to answer the business questions…that simple. That little bite size badge that sits on an employees’ lapel is the first step in that direction. Ironically, not all employees wear name badges. I suggest that all employees should be required to do so. Its professional and it’s easier for them to be indentified for compliments on their customer service. Tag Ur It specializes in custom name tags. From plastic, to metal to magnetized to badges for real estate agents, Tag Ur It is the place to go. Visit Tag Ur It to see how they can help you.


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