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Employee Plaques Set the Bar

When considering the damage to clothing that can happen in the work place, it is sometimes the greatest act of consideration on the part of am employer to take an inventory of recognition mechanisms in place at work. While it is true the people enjoy receiving congratulatory messages about performance or personal milestones in life, one should not underestimate the joy and value provided by a tangible object of recognition. Appreciation plaques not only encourage those who have warranted the recognition, they also inspire onlookers to appreciate a culture that highlights such accomplishments. A win for the team! When an employee plaque gives the first and last name of the staff member and lists in clearly engraved script the specific and unique contribution of that person, all other members of the community are made aware not only of that person’s laudable behavior, but of the less explicit expectations of the company as a whole.

On a more practical basis, keep those who are invested in their professional appearance happy by offering dry cleaning discounts and magnetic name tags for clothes. Just because you want your clients to be able to address your staff by name is no reason to imperil the fine garments of those you employ. As a gesture of respect, provide this option to your and they will appreciate your thoughtful consideration and come to your workplace with a positive attitude knowing that the management and leadership is not unconscious of their needs as well. In this type of mutual respect and consideration made felt through the smallest gestures and company expense, business owners can seek to create a company culture reflective of the high morale they wish to transfer to clients and customers. We all desire to interact with those who are happy fulfilling their roles in a business transaction. Life is made up of these moments of engagement and it is a small expense to ensure that they go smoothly.


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