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I’ve worked at a variety of different types of work places since I was a fifteen year old girl. My first job that I was hired at was a little comic book store in Eagle Rock called “Another World Comics.” I was not looking for a job but my father’s best bud at the time had just bought the little comic store and offered me and my brother clergy positions. I remember feeling so grown up because I was one of the only people in my grade at school who had a job and was making money. After a few months the store went out of business and I went on a hunt for another job. After that I worked at a Domino’s Pizza—right down the street from my house, an IHOP, retail, operator, and now I work in insurance.

Every one of these jobs were significantly different from the other but the one they all had in common were corporate pins. I didn’t realize just how important it is to wear a nametag where you work. In fact, at my recent place of employment I was caught by the owner of the business without a nametag and she explained to me that it is even required by the law to wear a nametag at work. Hopefully since I was caught without my nametag I didn’t jeopardize my employee plaque for this month! Another similarity all these jobs have is that each took the time to neatly customize their pins. Like a dentist office can be customized with a tooth and how veterinary name tags may have a little dog or cat in the corner. So just remember to always make sure you are name tagged at work.

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