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What's In a Name Tag?

Have you ever been at a social event whether it be a party, banquet, or business meeting and experience that awkward feeling when you do not know somebody’s name? If you have met them a million times or have only met them once, not knowing or remembering their name or calling them by their name can be brutal. You may wrack your brain trying to remember what your co-worker’s name is, or that girl you sat behind in school for four years at your high school reunion. You might start sweating, getting a headache and even try to avoid the side of the room they are on because you do not want to have to engage in any conversation where having to say their name comes up.

You do not want to be rude and even asking for their name can make you seem like you never cared to learn it and remember it the other hundred times. They may think that all the other times you have spoken to them you were wondering what their name was or who they were all together. Some people will call them nicknames like dude, buddy, girl, or whatever they can use besides their actual name. Other people are not as quick on their feet and will display awkward or obvious behavior that they are uncomfortable in the situation. If only they had a sign.

Well with TagUrIt nametags these awkward moments can be done with for good. No need to avoid the left side of the room when you can simply take a glance at that person’s helpful name tag. There are all sorts of name tags like church name tags , fundraiser name tags and really name tags for any time you are in a social setting.


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