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I have used Tag UR It! NameTags within the Credit Union industry since 2010. I have been told time and time again, my name tags for my conferences are the ...
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Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Tag UR It! Inc. has been servicing Ayres Hotels since August 2010. When we first met Heidi from Tag UR It!, we knew this was the company for us! Heidi is customer service oriented, professional, and creative! She listened to our needs and designed an elegant quality name badge our 700 plus Team Members are proud to wear! Since our transition to Tag UR It! in 2010, we replace fewer name badges for existing Team Members and our overall cost per badge has decreased. Tag UR It! has mastered value, quality and service. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision to partner with Tag UR It! as our company name badge vendor!
Tia Ann Mireles
Director of Quality Assurance, Ayres Hotels
I have used Tag UR It! NameTags within the Credit Union industry since 2010. I have been told time and time again, my name tags for my conferences are the “ROCK STARS” of Name Tags. Each tag is individualized and customized with my attendees credit union logos- they LOVE the attention to detail! The magnetic strip allows the name tags to be prominent and not be hanging somewhere around the persons stomach- FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!! They also do the packaging first class all the way- name tags arrive individually sealed and protected. I continue to come back to Heidi and Catheryn time and time again- there is no reason to go anywhere else.
Ondine Irving, Owner
Card Analysis Solutions & CreditCardConnection.ORG
I am so grateful to have found TagUrIt! and I continue to be grateful everytime I use TagUrIt! for all of my clients' name badge needs. Unlike other suppliers I've worked with in the past, when I call, instead of having to go through an automated system, Heidi answers right away and recognizes me by name. When I email, I promptly get a response. TagUrIt! is crucial to the success of my business in terms of their communication, fast turnaround, keeping their word, and value for the price. I do not at any moment take their hard work, integrity, and dedication to their clients for granted. TagsUrIt! is a gem of a find and it's because of the quality of the people that run the company. Please order with TagUrIt! today without any hesitation!
Francine Dang
Vice President, Purple Squirrel Promotions
Wow, what a find. We needed some tags for a trade show. I talked to a variety of companies, and then I found TagURIt! I can see why they have an exclamation mark at the end of their name; they are that good! We are a start-up company, but they treated us like a big company. We got a quality set of name tags that make us look big. Great service, great product at a great price. Thank you Heidi
"Rockey" Steve Rockey
Tag Ur It! provides great service with a smile.  They are wonderful collaborators on developing artwork.  Their turn-around times are fast.  All that at very reasonable prices.  I heartily recommend TagUrIt!
Kip Fisher
OMGosh Heidi, the tags came in on Saturday (I know, can you believe it?!) and they look AWESOME!!!!  I knew they would look good but they look better than good!!!  I don’t know how I was able to get them this fantastic, at such a low price point, and before deadline.  You are absolutely amazing.  Any and everyone I run across who needs tags, I am sooooooo directing them to you!!  Seriously, I could not be happier.  I wish I had a need for more name tags but as a member of LA INC, the AOCVCB and TTMA, I hope I run across someone who does.  Your work needs to be shared!!!!   THANK YOU!
Beverly Denice Sparks, CTA
Travel Media Consultant
Excellent customer service! Woohooo! I'm so happy to find an engraving place that isn't cut-throat like other locations! I bought a picture frame for my boyfriend's family and wanted to get their family name engraved on it. I first went to ThingsRemembered and their employees made me want to run out of the store! (They were all up in my face, telling me to buy this this and that, as if they were living on commission or something. It was rather annoying.) Anyway this review is about how awesome TAGURIT is, so I shall continue... I went home to search for engraving places nearby. I called several places, but their prices were pretty beyond reasonable for a little name tag. I was about to give up when I expanded my search area and Tag Ur It popped up. I called and the person helping me out was incredibly awesome. You can just tell that they want to help me make it perfect for the frame. She told me the price depends on which plate i pick, so to stop by. she could see the frame and help me decide which name plate to put on there.  When I came to the place, she helped me pick out the tag and told me that it would cost $4 for the whole thing. WHAT? $4? I still couldnt believe what I just heard...i almost jumped and screamed "scoooore!" in front of them. I mean, after calling 6 different places and have people telling you it costs $15 to "set up" and then the price of the plate, and ink etc etc I really was like FOUR??? SCORE!!!  It didn't take too long. They actually had it done the next day but I forgot to pick it up so I came two days later. When I got there, she told me to go in the work area and see if I liked what she had made. I saw TWO plates! I asked her why there were two, and she told me that she first did an engraving without filling in the letters and it didn't look nice to her, so she filled it in. I was in awe! Some other people would be like "ah forget it, who cares if it doesn't match the frame" but these people actually cared about making my frame look pretty!!!! I asked to pay, expecting to pay for both but she still told me $4. I ended up making her take $10 because I felt bad that she had to use two plates, and it was still a lot cheaper than anywhere else! The quality of the name plate was great too! I will put a picture of it when I have a chance to take one.  I know I wrote a lot for an engraving place, but I just want to express how much I like their business and will definitely come back. It's in a small warehouse area, so I figure not a lot of people know it unless they order online. So here I am starting a yelp thing for them and hope that more people can make good use of their business.  Two thumbs up!
Jay T. -Yelp Review
Just want you to know that we are all very, very pleased with the nametags! Working with you was a pleasure, and you met our expectations in every way.  We would recommend you to others in an instant! Thank you so very much!
Marshall Waterman
Yet ANOTHER perfect order from 'Tag UR IT!' It is such a pleasure to work with you, because every job is approached with the same level of consummate professionalism and creativity, no matter how small! Thank you, as always, for your beautiful work and prompt service.
Susan Amy Tyler
Once again, some great name badges from Tag Ur It we can be proud of when we wear
We love our new name tags at Dazzling Smile Dental! Thank you Tag UR It! They look great!!!!
Stacy Goodrich
I bought some high end flasks for each of my groomsman as their wedding gift.  I wanted to add the personal touch of engraving each of their initials on them so I took them to a few different places.  As soon as I sat down with Heidi I knew I was at the right place, she really listened to what I wanted and understood the look and font I was going for.  She promised to have them done with a quick turn around at a very fair price.  The engravings came out perfect and were done on schedule.  This place is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them.
Ross N. (Yelp Review)
Received my Child ID tags today...they are perfect! Thank you so much. Amazing customer service. Quality exceptional. Will be placing another order for baby #3 soon. Thanks again!!
Suzanne Boisseau
At Tag UR It! - the entrepreneurial spirit of Catheryn and Heidi shows - they actually take pride in craftsmanship and give personalized service. Prices are very competitive. It has been a wonderful experience working with them and I can recommend them without any reservation.
Sandra de Marchena
Best quality, price and turn-around time for engraved plates! Thanks!
Best customer service I have experienced in a long time. Thanks Heidi for taking such good care of us. We will definitely be using TagurIt again in the near future.
Allied Business Systems
Marketing Coordinator
Great company, have ordered multiple luggage tags and they are beautiful..Take advantage of a great product at a great price...
Lorraine Hawkins

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