Child Safety ID Tags!

Child Safety ID Tags!

Being fully customized, our Child Safety ID Tags are created to fit the needs of your family.

  • In case of an automobile accident or other emergency where the caregiver is unresponsive, this safety tag on your car seat, diaper bag, or stroller will quickly give first responders the medical and contact info of the child.

  • The tag on your child’s lunch bag can quickly notify others of a life threatening food allergy.

  • If your child is separated from a group and this tag is attached to their bag, the child can be easily identified.

The Safety ID Tag is about the size of a credit card and made of a durable hard plastic material. We offer the tag in three color varieties. It is custom printed with photo and any info you choose on one side and an attention catching Emergency graphic on the other. It can be attached to whatever you choose with the included plastic strap.

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